SWK 377:  Nicaragua:  żViva la Revolucion?
Spring 2012

Instructors:  Lucy Lawrence and Marion Yeager
Library Support:  Chris Nugent

Basic Info and Books about Nicaragua:


SYB World:  Statesman's Yearbook Online

World Data Analyst

Credo Reference Collection

Our Library Catalog

Assignment #1:  Journal Article Review

These databases are good places to find peer-reviewed journal articles:

Academic Search Complete

Proquest Research Library

Social Sciences Full Text

Possible search terms to use:

Globalization and Nicaragua
Social Problems and Nicaragua
Environment and Nicaragua
Family and Nicaragua
_________(the social issue of your choice) and Nicaragua

Citing your articles in APA format

Owl, the Purdue University Online Writing Lab
or the Son of Citation Machine.

Assignment #2:  Website Review

Evaluating Web Resources  (from Widener University).  Look in the left-hand column under "evaluate web pages" for relevant links.

Here are a few general websites for Nicaragua:

Tourist Guide from Lonely Planet (http://www.lonelyplanet.com/nicaragua)

From the U.S. State Department (http://www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/bgn/1850.htm)

From the World Bank (http://web.worldbank.org/)

From the UN World Health Organization (http://www.who.int/countries/nic/en/)

The organizations listed below deal with international social welfare issues:

Childs Right Information Network
Directory of Development Organizations
Food for the Hungry:  World Crisis Network
InterAction --American Council for Voluntary International Action
ICSW: The International Council on Social Welfare
ICASO:  International Council of AIDS Service Organizations
Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS
OECD:  Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Division for Social Policy and Development
UNHCR:  The UN Refuge Agency
UNICEF:  The United Nations Children's Fund
United Nations Development Programme
World Health Organisation Media Centre
International Monetary Fund
    See also Finance and Development, the quarterly magazine of the International Monetary Fund.  You can search for info on Nicaragua.

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