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TO: Ian Robertson, Chair; Larry Modlin, ex-officio; David Abernathy, Stan Cross, Greg Ettle, Tom LaMuragalia, John Pilson, Richard Sanders, Lou Weber, Jasper Conner, Maryka Lier; Katie Green, recorder/secretary

FROM: Doug Orr

September 19, 2005

RE: Reconstituted Long-Range Land Use Planning Committee

This is to request that you serve on a reconstituted Long-Range Land Use Planning Committee. As most of you know, the Committee has played a key role over the years in first developing a comprehensive land use plan for the campus, and thereafter addressing long-range land use planning issues as they arose.

At this time, it seems appropriate to take a fresh look at the comprehensive land use plan to determine if the specifics are still appropriate and whether any revisions might be necessary. Since that land use plan was developed, the College has acquired 32 acres of additional property at the eastern end of the Kittredge parking lot. That parcel now needs to be reviewed within the context of the comprehensive land use plan.

Please keep in mind that any campus land use plan needs to carry out several objectives, including the careful determination of type of usage for various parcels of campus community (zoning, if you will), while keeping future options open in terms of land use utilization. Among other things, the Committee should review future sites for additional campus housing and academic buildings. Additionally, the Committee should revisit the pattern language program of the College to determine if any revisions are necessary. I also encourage you to at a look at property immediately contiguous to the campus in terms of how the College relates to that property and its ownership.

I am asking Ian Robertson to continue to chair the committee and to convene the group at the earliest opportunity. Thank you for your willingness to undertake this significant long-range planning work for our College.