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Tree Crew News

Tree Crew recently attended the TCIA Expo 2013 November 14-16. The TCIA Expo is the worlds largest tree care show and conference where they will be doing things such as comparing equipment, watching live demonstrations, evaluating products, and learning from other tree care professionals.
Those that attended TCIA Expo 2013 along with Caleb Mende and Tom Lamuraglia was Emma Martin, Evan Mercier, Isabel Harger, and Desiree Pastin.

At the TCIA Expo they participated in workshops that included the following: safety updates, climing, rigging, pest management, and much more! They learned more about standard products, ideas, and practices and on the second day of the expo, Emma Martin participated in the student climbing competition! With 5 different components: work climb, scramble, throw line, safety gear test, and the written exam, Emma competed against other student climbers to show off her skills.