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Tractor Crew

Tractor Crew consists of seven Landscaping Crew members: Chris Marshall, Erika Roberts, Nathan Allen, Ben Surface, Lewis Pullman, Emma Martin, and Creighton Sillars.
The tractor crew is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the machines used on Landscaping. The tractors include a Caterpillar backhoe used for digging trenches, transporting and loading materials, grading, and many other tasks; a New Holland compact tractor with various attachments used for mowing, aerating, tilling, grading, etc; and a propane-powered Ventrac, which is one of our most stable and versatile machines, and is used for mowing, aerating, snow removal and seeding



  The tractor crew maintains the machines daily and takes great pride in the work that they do with them. 


Besides the upkeep of the engines, Tractor Crew does a lot of seasonal work and logging projects. With the cold winter months coming up, they will be preparing for snow removal to keep the campus walk and drive ways safe for students and faculty.


Mow Crew  

The Mow Crew is a sub-crew of the tractor crew which focuses on taking care of the lawns around campus. In addition to Tractor Crew members, Mow Crew includes various workers from the general crew. It also serves as an opportunity for those on general crew to learn how to use the mowers.