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Rock Crew

Landscaping's Rock Crew is responsible for maintenance of the college’s existing stone walls and construction of new stone structures. They work on projects such as building stone walls, patios, drains and steps. They are in charge of designing and executing these projects, and crewmembers learn a variety of stone masonry techniques and skills.


Current Projects 

 The Rock Crew recently finished repairing rock walls all around campus.



 Past Projects


In the past the Rock Crew has built stone steps, both mortared and dry stone walls, flagstone patios, dry stone drains, and worked on numerous wall repairs. They have completed a series of projects around the College Relations and Admissions building including a dry stack wall, a mortared wall, two dry-stone drains, and an extension of a flagstone patio. They have also done two major stone wall repairs and restored a dry stone retaining wall built in 1908 by students and staff of the college.


Before and After photos from the rock wall project outside of Jensen. For this instalation the rock crew worked with Paige Heron who did all of the stone carving as part of his senior art project.

paige's stones



 rock wall