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Warren Wilson College Landscaping Crew




"To provide an educational and enriching work environment in which student will develop good work habits, a strong work ethic, a senes of personal responsibility and skills in the areas of grounds maintenance. The Landscaping Crew strives to provide and maintain an attractive core campus which supports the college's commitment to aesthetics adn environmental responsibility."




What We Do:

The core campus of Warren Wilson College is comprised of sixty-five acres under the management of the college's landscape supervisors and crew. The Landscaping Crew is meant to provide a living framework that can guide both the long-term and day-to-day operations of the crew's work on central campus. Members of the Landscaping Crew are dedicated to maintaining and protecting the college's landscape and aesthetic quality of the Warren WIlson campus. The landscape is a living system, forever changing and responding to environmental situations. Supervisors and students must constantly respond to unplanned events such as extreme weather, changes in college priorities, and fiscal responsibilities.

The natural landscape is often what shapes the visitors' first impression of the campus; our campus offers a distinct contrast to the typical college campus of vast manicured lawns and regimented planting plans. From propogation to demolition, the students and supervisors on the crew participate in an incredible range of work. Responsibilities of the crew include maintaining the existing grounds, maintaining a healthy turf, mowing the entire core campus, leaf removal, weeding, pruning, and snow removal. Emphasis is placed on using suitable native species and materials,  drought and pest-resistant plants, along with consideration of form, seasonal, interest, and wise use of the area.

Landscaping Crew typically has about 50 students, led by one supervisor, an assistant supervisor, and often a full-time volunteer. Upon joining the crew, many students have little or no landscaping experience, but with the help of supervisors and senior crew members, student on the crew learn how they play an essential role in the everyday operations of the college.




In addition to the general crew, we have six student-led sub-crews that work within Landscaping:

To learn more information on what each sub-crew does and is currently working on, please visit their page on the right-hand side.


Who We Are:


Pictured above is our crew photo from Fall 2013! We are a crew of around 50 students dedicated to maintaining and creating a beautiful core campus for Warren Wilson College.


We have one volunteer, Mel Seifert. He and his wife, June, recently retired after working 29 years at Sheldon-Jackson College in Sitka, Alaska, and are volunteering at Warren Wilson College full time. We could not get by without everything that Mel does.

How to Join:

To join the Landscaping Crew please come and volunteer with us, there is always plenty to do! To volunteer, get a form from the Work Program Office, and arrive at the landscaping office behind the Village Dorms at the beginning of a new work shift. So come on over and volunteer with us, it is loads of fun!



Feel free to contact us via email: landscaping@warren-wilson.edu

Or phone: (828) 505-2868.