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Jan Wolff


Jan in Calico State Park, Red Rocks, NV

Well, this is me. A beach-girl-turned-southerner who loves boiled peanuts, football and occasionally calls people "honey." I was born and raised in Jacksonville Beach, Florida-a fourth generation Floridian which is as rare as real gold on a hairy manís chest in South Beach. When some people hear where Iím from, they say, "oh, youíre not really Southern then." My indignant reply is to remind them that north Florida is really, south Georgia, and south Florida is really all transplanted northerners (aka: retirees.) Okay, think Tom Petty, Lynrd Skynrd, and 38 Special-all north Floridians. And my biggest concern in October was the Florida-Georgia game, not Jai Alai. Thatís being a true Southerner.

But for all of my Southern ways, I always considered myself liberal. Not wanting to be like everyone else in my high school (Fletcher HS-Neptune Beach) I shunned the usual 13th grade at FSU or UF and went up north for college. (Franklin Pierce College-because it had a pretty picture on the pamphlet.) I double majored in Anthropology and History, and hung out with other Anthropology majors who wore Birks and tie-dyes. I became a Democrat. I listened to Peter Tosh and dated a Dead-Head. I fell in love with environmental issues, worried about overpopulation, and even went to an anti-war (Desert Storm) rally (but it got so cold I ditched it halfway through and went to the nearest café for hot coffee and pecan pie.)

Then while at home one winter break, an elderly relative said I sounded like a "Yankee liberal." It was like being dunked in ice water. Truth was, I wasnít sure who I was anymore. I was a feminist who demanded equal pay, but was insulted by men who didnít hold open doors. I knew what I stood for in political and environmental issues, but didnít know what I stood for in myself. Typical Aquarius.

Upon graduation in 1991, armed with Magna Cum Laude honors and an í88 Ford Bronco, I moved to Asheville, NC. I knew I wanted to work in college admissions. I had given tours and helped process applications as my work-study job, and it seemed like a great way to stay young-working with 17-18 year olds, traveling. After a few months decorating Christmas trees for the rich, serving yeast rolls at Quincyís and checking people into the Grove Park Inn (okay-it was during the Recession) I was offered the job at WWC in April of 1992 and itís been a happily ever after job. Really.

The people here are amazing. The irony for me is that as liberal as I thought I was, I was nothing. Not even an amateur. Everyone I work with actually likes acoustical music, listens to NPR, donates to multiple causes and thinks football is soccer. When I mention going to a Panthers game, they ask if I saw any homeruns. They protested my frequenting of Hooters while traveling (I like the wings and thereís always a game on.) They spend their weekends hiking, eating things I canít pronounce like couscous and arugula, drinking local micro brewed beers, listening to Dar Williams. I frequent Walt Disney World, watch the Newlyweds and eat Krystals.

But I try in my own little way. I save-the-manatees annually and teach my two little girls about organic gardening. Iíve found that these experiences, this genuine love I have for WWC and in learning about people from all regions, help me as I work with students from the Deep South to San Francisco. And the cups of coffee I drink with students in the arts district of Sarasota or on Melrose in L.A are as enjoyable as the ones in Gadsden, Alabama or along a county road in Roswell, New Mexico. The conversations we have range from what WWC students wear to what project they did for their Eagle Scout award. The underlying themes remain the same; have respect for everyone elseís opinions, save the earth, make a positive difference locally and globally, vote.

Thank you to the 2 or 3 people who will actually read this far. I look forward to getting to know you and hope we will meet each other soon. I love to talk about WWC and Iíd love to meet you. If youíre from Hawaii or Alaska, please apply NOW because those are the two states I havenít been to yet and Iím getting a little anxious to go.

So if you live in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, or Texas, please remember that I am the one who looks over your application, reads your essay, delves into your recommendations and goes over your transcripts. Know that I have your future at WWC in my hands and that I am very susceptible to bribery and flattery.

Have a great day!

Since all of the other counselors put down their "favorites", I will to (I must conform). But since my interests are different, so are my categories.
If I had a genie grant me one wish: Iíd play a round of golf at St. Andrews with Seve Ballesteros, Jack Nicklaus and my Dad.
If I won the lottery (a favorite saying in my family), Iíd: Have my main solar-paneled house in Half Moon Bay, a stone house complete with winery in the Smokies, an English garden cottage, a chalet in Zermatt and a town home right across the street from Bank of America stadium in Charlotte.

Truest Moments of happiness:
When my plane lands...intact When the first daffodil opens When Laura returned to Luke in 1984 When the Carolina Panthers win

Favorite movies:
Gone With the Wind, The Deep, Guess Whoís Coming to Dinner, Loganís Run, The Four Seasons, and LOTR. Favorite Books: Harry Potter