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Hoyt BarnesHoyt Barnes: Crew Supervisor
Quote: "Students have an opportunity to learn how to check AC systems for correct voltage, amperage draw, freon level, water flow, air flow, energy usage, and efficiency.
   They will also have an opportunity to learn how to check boilers and heating systems, pumps, motors, water flow, combustion efficiency and analysis. Also, students will learn how to service, check, and make repairs to all heating, air conditioning, refridgeration, and ventilation equipment, including controls, pumps, and motors.
   Opportunities for volunteer service work will be available too."
Hannah BarksHannah Barks: Semesters on crew: 1
Quote: "This crew gives me a chance to take things apart and put them back together using an assortment of tools. Tinkering with and fixing pumps, heaters, and air conditioners is a part of our everday work. This experience allows us to learn a lot about heating and air conditioning systems."
Anna CholletAnna Chollet: Semesters on crew: 2
Quote: "My favorite aspect of the job is knowing that what I do affects everyone on campus. It is so satisfying to catch malfunctions in mechanical rooms and correct them before someone loses heat, etc. I also like that if my friends have problems with their heat, they can ask me for help and I am usually able to assist them."
Sheree FerrellSheree Ferrell: Semesters on crew: 2
Quote: "HVAC is a small, homey crew but you are definitely expected to do you part of the work. Also, Hoyt is very patient and open to questions, so it makes it much easier to learn new things about the job."
Heather GluszekHeather Gluszek: Semesters on crew: (regular) 1 + summer; (office) 2
Quote: "I have worked on the HVAC crew as both a regular crew member and as an office assistant. I definitely think that the regular jobs are much more interesting. I would have to say that I enjoyed learning about how different HVAC systems function, as well as taking things apart and putting them back together again, the most out of all of our responsibilities, while I absolutely despised changing filters. (Try doing that for a while and you'll see why.) As a senior, I have been fortunate enough to have been on many different crews, but I honestly feel that my time on HVAC was by far the best. Whether he would like it said or not, I think it was working with Hoyt that made the difference."
Isela PuntosIsela Puntos: Semesters on crew: (office) 1
Quote: "I really enjoyed working on the HVAC crew. I learned a lot of new things and it was a great experience in my life. The crew members were very friendly, and even though English is not my first language, I always received support and encouragement from everyone. I would especially like to thank Hoyt, my supervisor, because he was so patient with me and took time to explain any questions I may have had. Thanks crew."