Dr. James Duke

Born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1929, James A. "Jim" Duke is a Phi Beta Kappa
PhD (botany, 1961) graduate of the University of North Carolina. Jim,
following military service, undertook postdoctoral activities at Washington
University and Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, Missouri. There he
began studies of neotropical ethnobotany, his overriding interest to this

From 1963 to 1965, Duke was ecologist with the USDA (Beltsville,
Maryland), joining Battelle Columbus Laboratories (1965-71) for ecological
and ethnobotanical studies in Panama and Colombia. During this formative
period, Duke lived with various ethnic groups, closely observing their deep
dependence on forest products. The first of some thirty books, his Isthmian
Ethnobotanical Dictionary catalogs hundreds of Isthmian plants and their
uses. Rejoining USDA in 1971, Duke had assignments relating to crop
diversification, medicinal plants, and energy plant studies in developing
countries. A popular lecturer on the subjects of ethnobotany, herbs,
medicinal plants, and new crops and their ecology, he has taped dozens of TV
and radio shows. The National Agriculture Library has a video history of Dr.
Duke's career.

Duke grows hundreds of interesting plants on his six-acre
farmette (Green Farmacy Garden) with his wife and illustrator, Peggy. On
Sept. 30, 1995, he retired after ~ 30 years with the USDA.Before retiring,
Dr. Duke brought his renowned ethnobotanical and phytochemicial database
online at USDA (http://www.ars-grin.gov/duke/). It is now, in Duke's
retirement, one of the most frequently consulted areas of the USDA website.
Since retiring Dr. Duke has served for five years as Senior Science Adviser
to Nature’s Herbs. and with AllHerb.Com Since 2001, he has been a
distinguished herbal lecturer with the Tai Sophia Healing Institute, Laurel
MD, since 2001.


Terezhina de Jesus Soares Dos Santos "Teka"

Terezhina de Jesus Soares Dos Santos “Teka” received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacy from the Federal University of Para, Brazil,(1991) and her Master’s Degree in Public Health from the Osvaldo Cruz Foundation (1998). Presently she acts as a researcher in Phytotherapy for the Institute of Scientific Research and Technology for the State of Amapa, Brazil.

Her professional experience is in the area of Pharmacy with an emphasis on Plant Medicine, Ethnopharmacology, Pharmaceutical Technology for Phytotherapy, Quality Control for Prime Vegetative Material, and Public Health.  In her work, Ms. Soares brings her knowledge to the socio-economic development of traditional communities, particularly women, with whom she, in partnership with other civil organizations coordinates projects.  Ms. Soares has worked as an educator in the areas of Quality Control for Prime Vegetative Material, Biotechnology, Phytotherapy, Deontology and Pharmaceutical Legislation and Public Health as well as in the implementation and management of programs/services for Phytotherapy in Public Health.

Ms. Soares is presently conducting research in Brazil in the areas of:

Development and Production of Phytotherapeutics and Phytocosmetics
Study of Traditional Populations
The Study of Essential Vegetative Oils and Essences


Want to learn more about Teka's work in the Brazilian Amazon?

Teka will be featured at a free Luncheon on April 22 at Warren Wilson College.

Visit the link: http://www.warren-wilson.edu/~ELC/brazilpresentation.php

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