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Frequently Asked Questions About Printing

Q: What is my print quota each semester?
A: Your semester print quota works out to 400 pieces of paper printed double-sided, monochrome (black and white).

Q: How is printing cost calculated?
A: OK, here is how it goes. You start the semester with $30 in your PaperCut account. It's on us; you are not charged for it. That $30 translates to the number in the first answer. A single-sided monochrome printed page costs your account 5 cents. A double-sided monochrome printed page costs 7-1/2 cents. See where we’re going with this? We want to encourage double-sided printing. If you are in a location with a color printer and you print in color your account is charged 50 cents per page, 75 cents double-sided. By the way, double-sided or duplex printing is the default on all network printers capable of it.

Q: Will any unused printing in my free quota roll over to the next semester?
A: No, your free quota is for that semester only.

Q: I am taking a class this semester that requires a lot of printing. May I have a larger free quota?
A: Everybody starts the semester with the same amount of “free” printing. (It really isn’t free, but you probably realize that.) Some classes require you to buy books that cost more than other classes’ books. Some classes require you to buy paints. Some classes have a lab fee. We looked at printing patterns and attempted to come up with a number of free pages that would work for the majority of students. If you are taking classes that will require a large amount of printing in a semester you should be prepared to purchase enough pages to accommodate the requirement. However, you should not automatically assume you will go beyond your quota. We do not recommend purchasing ahead of time. Which brings us to…

Q: What if I need to print beyond my quota?
A: If you have submitted a print job that will exceed your quota you will be presented with a message window asking if you wish to purchase additional pages. You will select the amount in $5.00 increments which will be added to your student account. You will then be able to continue printing.

Q: What if I have purchased additional printing and still have some of my purchased amount left?
A: Any printing you purchased but do not use will roll over to the next semester and will expire at the end of that semester.

Q: The printer (select one: jammed/did not print/smudged the paper/tore up my print job). What do I do?
A: Bring the damaged print job to the helpdesk in Bannerman within 24 hours and it will be refunded to your account. After 24 hours we will not be able to make the adjustment. If the job was submitted and the printer failed to print, PaperCut will automatically refund the amount to your account.

Q: I accidentally submitted a print job before I meant to. Will that count against my quota?
A: Yes. Remember that the point of this is to reduce wasteful printing. Please print mindfully and responsibly.

Q: I left the lab while I was still logged onto a computer and somebody printed something from that computer. Can I get that refunded?
A: You are responsible for any printing done from a computer you are logged onto. You should log off any time you leave a computer.

Q: How do I find out the status of my account?
A: Go to the PaperCut Login Page and log in with your network ID and password.

Q: Can I print from my own computer in the lab?
A: Yes, you can print using Web Print. You do that by turning your paper into a PDF, logging in at the URL in the previous answer, and selecting Web Print. The software will step you through submitting your print job. If you run into problems see the crew member at the helpdesk. If you do not know how to create a PDF you should first come to Bannerman and let the helpdesk crew show you how.

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