Warren Wilson College

E-Mail and Network Accounts

Students, employees, and volunteers at Warren Wilson College may have e-mail and network accounts. Accounts will remain active during the term of each individual's association with the College and are subject to deletion upon termination of association with the College unless prior arrangement has been made with Computing Services and with the approval of the appropriate department chair or PAC member. Account holders are subject to the Computer and Network User Policy.

Continuation of a student's e-mail and network account through summer break is contingent on being registered for fall classes or being on Leave of Absence, a status that must be arranged with the registrar before the end of the previous semester. If you leave without registering even if you intend to return in the fall your e-mail and network account will be deleted.

As a courtesy, accounts of graduating seniors will remain open for 6 weeks following graduation or until July 1, whichever comes first.

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