Sunday, November 30, 2008

GIS Crew....what are they up to?

Here's another installment of our series of posts on GIS Crew members past and present. This time we're focusing on our very first crew member, Rebecca Davanon. She started the crew back in Fall 2005 and did a lot of great work getting the crew up and running. She's now working full-time in GIS for the City of Nashville. In her words:

"I work for the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County's Emergency Communications Center (ECC). Our center receives and dispatches fire, police, and medical calls and communicates directly with PD, FD, and EMS as they respond to calls....I maintain the street centerline database and the common place point database used by ATM and CAD. As new streets and addresses develop in Davidson County I add them into a GIS database and map. This map also contains fire beats, police beats, wrecker beats, and lots of other jurisdictional zones which I update as necessary. I use a tool called Motorola Geofile Utility to convert GIS data into a format CAD/ ATM recognizes. I update street and common place changes to the CAD system at least once a week and am responsible for updating all 911 ATM maps once a month. When discrepancies in data occur during a call, it is reported to me and I research and correct the database error. In addition, I maintain the county Neighborhood Notifier mxd for auto-dialing residents with emergency information. I also help with special projects like developing an emergency response system for Davidson County greenways, verifying street data in the field with a Trimble GeoXH unit, and ordering annual orthophotos for ATM. In addition to all this, I help maintain our MDC server that manages police mobile laptops, the AVL server, CAD information databases, the many software upgrades the occur over time, and of course hardware issues. I am being trained in managing all these systems and will eventually be on 24 hour call for 911 operations in case issues arise during my off hours."

Great to hear what you're up to, Becca.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

WWC GIS Day 2008

That's right, it's GIS Day again -- here's our slate of events for Wednesday, November 19th:

11:00-12:30 Open House
Coffee! Cookies! Cool maps!
Join us in the GIS lab to look at a gallery of our maps and projects, learn to use a GPS unit, or chat about the crew.

1:00-1:30 Alex Haynes
Spatially interpolating sensor data using Java, Ruby on Rails and Google Earth
Alex Haynes will cover what the title says, except that it will be more interesting. Also, we can see Russia from our lab.

2:30-3:00 Nora Purcell
Sickness in Space: GIS and Disease Patterns
Inoculate yourself against ignorance. Warning: Early ignorance season predicted this year. Ignorance may cause astronauts to become ill.

3:00-3:30 Corey White
Predicting water main breaks in the San Antonio water system
Come learn about predictive modeling applied to water main breaks in San Antonio. There will be free hats.

3:30-4:00 Chris Fusting
Open Source GIS
Do you like free things such as hats? Then you will really, really like open source GIS. Open source is like a long walk on the beach at dusk with a special friend.

4:00-4:30 Geocaching!
Okay…we were making up the other free stuff. We’re sorry. But if you come to geocaching you can compete to find hidden treasure!! It will not be lame hidden treasure like in that hippie song “One Tin Soldier.” It’ll be good, like what pirates find.