Monday, December 03, 2007

Global Studies Capstone Seminar Presentations

Seniors in the Global Studies Capstone Seminar will be presenting their theses this week and next. All presentations are open to the public.

Monday, December 3

4:00: Sophia Levin-Hatz

Bolivia’s sustainable development: An alternative approach

4:20: Ryan Cowen

Speaking out: China's restriction of free speech and why it should change

4:40: Elizabeth Bailey

A hidden reality: Normalizing racism against the Afro-Ecuadorian

Wednesday, December 5

4:00: Joe Davis-Lockhart

Crime in Communist China: A comparison of policies from the Maoist and the reform eras

4:20: Baldwin Saer

Alternative strategies for food sovereignty in Latin America

4:40: Nathan Bell

The mobility of ethics: Addressing inequalities by changing tourism development in Honduras

5:00: Dan Weisshaar

Globalization in the land of Goshen: How rural America is being used and neglected in the global marketplace

Monday, December 10

4:00: Leslie Springs

Examining the place(ment) of a community: Warren Wilson College and its Appalachian home

4:20: Jackie Fitzgerald

U.S. Immigration: The labor shortage myth and the shortcomings of guest worker programs

4:40: Curry Anton

“When two elephants fight, the grass always suffers”: Formerly abducted child soldiers and the need for their rehabilitation in northern Uganda

Wednesday, December 12

4:00: Rachel Melo

Examining citizenship and human rights: Bolivian immigration to Buenos Aires

4:20: Ariel Gordon

Aluminum companies in Jamaica: Assessing the ethical responsibilities of multinational corporations in the dynamic global arena

4:40: Jessica Giles

Picking up the tab: Corporatizing AIDS prevention and treatment in South Africa

5:00: Megan Betts

North African assimilation and Arab communities in modern Parisian culture


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