Friday, October 28, 2005

More notes from a recent grad

Heidi Stucker, Class of 2005, sends this brief check-in from her new home in Massachusetts...

"As for what I am doing with my time...I am working as a housemate with a woman with OCD through an organization called Windhorse Associates. My general role is as a mentor in supporting her in her recovery. More specifically I am responsible for encouraging her to gain independence by taking responsibility for the household that we share. This work is part-time; I am currently looking for other activities to fill the extra time. So far I have discovered MudPie Potters in Leverett, just north of Northampton, a quaint backwoodsy studio open to individuals who are really into playing with clay. I am looking into renting some space from them in order to begin throwing again. There are also a number of CSAs in the area, which I hope I will be able to do a work trade with in the coming season for shares of food. I have been in Northampton for less than two weeks at this point, so I am still finding my footing; so far, however, I am really happy with what I have found."


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