Sunday, August 07, 2005

field research notes

So here's a little blurb from my field notes during my study about
migration in Cheran, Mexico this summer.Enjoy.

I did an interview on Friday with two women; a mom and her daughter. When I asked the daughter if she had had any thoughts about going to the US to live and work with her father she said her brother may go, but since she and her mom were women they don't make the decisions whether or not they will go to the states.The daughter said "samos mujeres" like it was just a
given, what rights were allotted to women and what to men.

I also interviewed another woman today who had her husband living in the US.She told me her husband was living in the US with another woman.This seems to be a common pattern.This makes me wonder: Is it common for men to be with other women even when they are living in Mexico? Is the fact that many husbands in the US are living with other women becoming an accepted phenonmenon in Cheran?

Today Margarita (my host mom) talked to her son, who is married to her daughter in law that lives in the same house as she. Margarita's son is living with a woman from Chiapas in the US. After Margarita's conversation with her son on the phone she asked me if me, her, and her daughter in law wanted to "embracharnos", or get drunk together. Was the conversation with her son really that bad? Also I did not see the the two granddaughters of Margarita talk to their dad at all. That seems kind of strange.

Amelia Dulee-Kinsolving
Field research in Cheran, Mexico
Summer 2005


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