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Soil-management history as a factor in  Mexican Bean Beetle preference for String Bean plants

Agriculture Lime as a control for Leafcutter ants in San Pedro Colombia, Belize







The following is a list of descriptions of WWC herb crew products, however, the list is subject to change and grow. If interested in the complete and updated product list email garden@warren-wilson.edu or contact Karen Joslin at 828.771.3066.


Crafting a salve begins with steeping fresh plant matter in extra virgin olive oil.  After six weeks, when the active healing properties of the plant have infused into the oil, the plant matter is strained.  The oil is then blended with beeswax and pure essential oils to create a solid cream.  Enjoy!

All-Heal: The leaves of comfrey, yarrow, and plantain create a healing and antiseptic blend ideal for small cuts, insect bites, and minor burns.  Gentle but effective.

Hard-Workin' Hands: The infused oils of rosemary, comfrey, and lavender combine to make a smoothing and pleasantly-scented salve.  Great for cracked and calloused hands and rough elbows and knees.

Lip Balm:  Sweet calendula blossoms, comfrey, and chickweed create a revitalizing and protective balm for lips.



All of our tea herbs are hand-picked, dried, and then chopped and sealed into teabags.  Herbal teas are best if steeped for at least five minutes, though can be left for up to thirty minutes.  For a more medicinally potent brew, cover the teacup while steeping.

Gypsy Cold and Flu with Echinacea:  An old gypsy remedy, this blend of yarrow, elder flowers, peppermint, and echinacea is a helpful ally during sickness.  These herbs boost the immune system and speed the body's recovery process.

Deep Dreams:  Oatstraw, hops chamomile, and passionflower foster a sense of relaxation and encourages a peaceful nights sleep.

Mints of the Mountains:  This tea is an uplifting combination of mints both naturalized and native to the North Carolina mountains.  We've included spearmint, peppermint, mountain mint, and garden mint.

Sunshine:  This blend of lemon balm, bee balm, calendula flowers, borage, and catnip is sparkling and refreshing, wonderful in the morning or evening.

Tummy Tyme:  A wonderful digestive aid, tummy thyme includes spearmint, fennel, thymes, and sage.  Helps to calm stomachaches brought on by sickness, too.

Wild Weeds:  Raspberry leaves, nettle, and red clover unite to make a deeply nutritive tea. The perfect green supplement!


Face Wash

Suited to all skin types, our face wash is a blend of oats, almonds, cornmeal, lavender, dandelion blossoms, and clay dug from protected reserves on Warren Wilson College Campus.  Because of the natural ingredients and lack of preservatives, it must be kept dry.  Simply shake the desired amount out of the container, add a bit of water, and  scrub! Great  for daily use.

Witch Hazel Jewelweed Spray

The perfect natural remedy for poison ivy, poison oak, and nettle stings, this soothing spray contains jewelweed flowers and leaves, witch hazel extract, and aloe vera juice.