Inside The Purchasing Office

Inside The FMTS Building


When you enter the FMTS building, the first office you will see is the Purchasing Office. This is where you will find the purchasing supervisor Deborah Aylesworth. Her assistant and volunteer June Seifert is also on hand to help. The purchasing office is in charge of handling all purchases, from sheetrock to tape measures. HOURS For more information on this office please call ext. 3750

The Conference Room

The Conference Room

The conference room is used primarily for FMTS meetings however it is also used by crews to view safety videos and the ever famous Golf Cart Safety Video. All FMTS crews can also schedule the conference room out for special use. On Thursdays at 11:00am the conference room is host to the Supervisors Meeting wherein all FMTS Crew supervisors come and report their progress as well as listen to and partake in dialogue about campus wide projects and issues. Every once in a while youíll see a birthday party being thrown in the conference room as well.

Inside FMCS

The FMCS Office

FMCS, or Facilities Management and Customer Service is the main office for FMTS. This is where work orders are processed, supervisorís mail goes out and all FMTS announcements come from. Located within the FMCS quarter of the building is the CAD Crew offices and the FMTS Directors office.

CAD Crew and Paul's Office