Welcome To The FMTS Virtual Tour

Outside The FMTS Building

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the Facilities Management building, we�ve posted pictures and brief descriptions of offices and units within the FMTS complex. Please feel free to look around and learn a little bit more about FMTS and its inner workings.

The Back Of FMTS

Solar Shed

The FMTS building houses the FMCS (Facilities Management and Customer Service) Crew, the CAD Crew, Carpentry Crew, Locksmith Crew, Plumbing Crew and Autoshop. The Paint Crew and Campus support crews are located in the buildings adjacent FMTS. Our golf cart solar powered recharging shed is also located behind FMTS. FMTS is also the central location for the campus motor pool, bio diesel and regular fuel pumps and the base repeater for the work crew radios.