Energy Services Crew

Energy Services is a crew that tracks, analyzes and reduces energy and water consumption within the built environment at Warren Wilson. We go into buildings, figure out what is wrong, and then propose how to fix the problems. To find problems, we perform energy audits, lighting audits, water audits, occupant comfort surveys, indoor air quality tests, look at preventative maintenance plans, use Energy Star Portfolio Manager and sometimes get into retro-commissioning. Usually other crews or outside contractors fix the problems once we find them. Then we monitor the improved building some more and analyze the results to figure out how much energy, water and money we saved. Eventually we will be looking for on campus renewable energy opportunities.

We’re doing all this because Warren Wilson’s Climate Action Plan specifies that the college has a greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal of 30% by 2015 and an 80% reduction goal by 2020. The built environment causes a significant amount of emissions, so it is the perfect place to look for improvement. Plus, saving the environment is awesome and building science is cool.

Our office is in the basement of Vining B. Stop by and see us if you have energy or building questions, are thinking of using a seed grant to improve a building or if you’d like to get on the crew.