Digging Permits

Before digging anywhere on the campus, even putting a stake in the ground, you must first submit a digging permit request form to the Design and Construction Office. You can do so by either visiting the Design and Construction Office in Facilities Management and filling out the form, or by downloading the forms here and sending them to us.

One of the most compelling reasons that these are required is because of stormwater runoff concerns. Stormwater runoff is the single highest source of pollution in freshwater streams in North Carolina, and can contain pollutants like pesticides, paint, household chemicals, sediment, yard waste, detergents, oil and grease, trash, and pet waste. These pollutants are a great hazard to aquatic life and water quality. Through proper planning and careful on-site management, the College is able to minimize and eliminate these risks.

The digging permit is comprised of two pages, the informational form and the campus map. The form is available here: Digging Permit Request Form.doc.

A campus map is available here: Digging Permit Map.pdf.

Please bring your completed form and a marked map to the Design and Construction Office in the FMTS building or mail it to us at CPO Box 6353. Processing your request to dig normally takes about a week, sometimes two weeks if we are very busy. Once your permit is approved, the D&C Crew will contact you and give you the go-ahead to start digging. Thank you for your cooperation!