FMTS Core Values

Our core values are the fundamental building blocks of who we are, what we believe in, and what we will do. Our Mission Statement and all of our other goals and objectives flow from these beliefs. If we feel anyone violates these core values, we must courteously, respectfully, and professionally bring this to their attention.

1. Care for our students and each other:
We will deal with each other honestly and openly. We will search for solutions, not blame. We will develop the same standards of accountability for ourselves and our students. We will cooperate fully with each other for the growth and success of our colleagues as well as our own. If one makes a mistake, we all make a mistake. When one of us succeeds, we all do. We will communicate openly with each other and provide feedback to ensure we hear each other properly. We will respect each other and the individual and collective decisions we must make. Conflict will happen. We will deal with this openly and professionally, ultimately respecting the decision made in the best interest of FMTS. We are committed to the understanding and application of the Warren Wilson Triad, which stresses the importance of work, service, and academics. Improvements in operations always mean change. We will openly embrace change for the better. We will self-evaluate for improvement and our own development. We will share what we know and what we learn, to our local as well as extended community, whether that be the Swannanoa Valley or another country. We will provide for the development and care of our students, regardless of skill level or ability. We will mentor our students in all facets of the Triad, in all facets of our work and management, and provide and teach leadership to the best of each studentís ability.

2. We believe in sustainability:
We will become campus as well as community leaders. We will lead by example. We will teach our students to be leaders in understanding and application of sustainable practices as related to FMTS. We will apply sustainability and self-sufficiency as best practicable to all facets of our work. We will develop sustainable leadership within our crews.

3. We believe in work excellence:
We will meet and exceed expectations to get the job done. We will be at work on time and work a full shift. We will leave spaces cleaner than when we found them. There will be a place for everything and everything in its place. We will practice cleanliness as well as organization in our office space, our surrounding areas, and wherever we work. We believe in organization--plan the work, work the plan. Through planning we will become more efficient in our work. We will be safety conscious and focus on its continual improvement. We will strive for continual improvement. We will strive for work excellence. We will strive for excellence in service to our community.