Facilities Management and Technical Services (FMTS)

"Skinned Knuckles - Skilled Hands - Work Excellence"

FMTS serves the WWC community by doing the work of the maintenance and management of the buildings, facilities and grounds, in addition to providing technical and design services for the campus. We embrace sustainability and continual improvement and we are committed to the Triad philosophy. We fulfill our mission through:

1. Work Excellence: We satisfy the needs of the WWC community promptly, safely, and in a clean and organized manner. We communicate effectively with each other and our community.
2. Development and Care: We develop superior knowledge of our equipment and strive for continual improvement. We enhance the WWC community through mentoring and training. Our highest priority is to meet the needs of the students, faculty, staff, and the college community.
3. Sustainability: We lead the campus and community by example through better planning toward a more sustainable future with performance and efficiency in mind.
4. Maintenance: We combine preventive, predictive, and preemptive methods to ensure the most efficient and trouble-free systems operations at the college.
5. Triad: We promote and support the Triad philosophy of meaningful work, service, and learning. It is our commitment to partner with all aspects of the college.

Welcome to our website, which is still in development and ever-growing. Here on the FMTS website you will find news and information about FMTS as well as links to helpful tools such as the online work order form, supply request forms, event setup, and updated information about construction. For information and updates about the construction projects happening on campus and how they will affect you, click here. We welcome your feedback about this website! Send comments and questions to fmts@warren-wilson.edu or click on the "Contact Us - Give Feedback" link above.

FMTS work crews are notified of the work that needs to be done using work orders. Work orders are submitted online by building managers, staff and faculty, then processed by Facilities Management Customer Service and given to the appropriate work crew supervisors. You'll see the link for the online work order system in the navigation box on the right. Please use the links to explore the FMTS website. You will also find links to individual FMTS crew sites listed in that navigation box. Important announcements, updates and other information will be posted here in the future. Thanks for visiting!