• Friends: Attending campus events is a great way to meet new people. Warren Wilson is your new home and it will be much easier to feel this way if you connect with a social circle here. Hang on to your high school friends, too, but your day-to-day social life happens on campus. It's a tough balancing act--don't expect it to be easy or flawless. Your high school friends are experiencing the same tug-of-war between the old and new, so try to be understanding of each other as you make college friends while maintaining the bonds from home. You can look for the Week at Wilson calendars that are hung weekly in the first year residence halls or the Inside Page to find out all of the fun things that are happening at Warren Wilson.
  • Time Management: Figuring out how to find time to do everything is complicated and difficult. You might have heard that WWC stands for "We Work Constantly." It's not just a catchy saying, it's true. If you are having a tough time balancing work, service, and academics while also trying to get a decent amount of time for social activities and sleep, attend a  time management session hosted by an older student who has "been there, done that". First Year Programs hosts these sessions periodically throughout the year. If you want to talk to someone about this one-on-one, Lyn O’Hare, Director of Academic Support Services, is a terrific resource.



  • Academic Concerns: Every academic department has its own tutors and your professor will share that information.  Various departments will occasionally have study sessions in Vining or Sunderland when student tutors will be available to help you.You can find out about these on the Week at Wilson flyers. There is free food sometimes! If you are struggling with a paper, the Writing Center is located in the Sunderland basement and they can help with organization, proofreading, and general writing advice. They created this funky online page with words of writing wisdom.
  • Rest and Relaxation: After toiling away on papers, your work crew and evening volunteer service, you will need some time just to relax. Beyond the obvious places like your cozy residence hall room, there are other quiet spaces on campus like the Meditation Hut (in the woods behind the Pavilion) and Dogwood Pasture (behind the Ballfields). If you prefer to re-charge in a social setting, there are dozens, maybe even hundreds, of things to do on campus. The First Year Programs staff and many other crews including Wellness, Student Activities, Athletics, and Peace and Justice, host these events. Talk to your friends on those crews to find out what they are planning. Also, you can check out the Inside Page ( for a daily list of events or take the time to read fliers posted in Glad when you are waiting in the never-ending lunch line. Some weekly activities to consider: Tuesdays Evening First Year Programs, Yoga, Movie Nights, Contra Dancing, Pilates, and Everyone Cooks.

Contra 1

Contra Dancing is a great way to blow off steam and meet people from off-campus. Plus, it's a great way to fully engage in mountain culture. Admission is only $1, which includes a 30-minute lesson.


  • Sex: Relationships and sex are big issues for many students. First Year Programs collaborates with the RISE Project to offer programs on healthy relationships, responsible sexual behavior, sexually transmitted infections, consent, sexual assault, and other issues.
  • Drugs/Alcohol: If you feel like drugs and alcohol have either taken over your social life, or if you wish to keep them from it, visit Super Crew. We host drug/alcohol free events with dinner four times a semester and it is a great way to meet people.  Check us out on Facebook. Twice a year First Year Programs serves mocktails and rootbeer in pseudo bars. During these events, we have fire-spinners, trivia contests, and lots of other fun stuff. If you struggle with substance use, the Counseling Center is staffed with 3 fantastic folks who will keep your interactions completely confidential. Learn more at
  • Rock And Roll: OK, so maybe this isnt a typical freshman issue, but what else can follow sex and drug? That was a rhetorical question, please dont contact us with suggestions!
  • Self Care: College life puts so many demands on your time. It is important to prioritize self care. Getting sleep is a big concern for many students. Come to our programs to learn the importance of sleep and to insure that you are making the most of it. Jill Meadows in the Counseling Center has tons of great resources about sleep. In addition to getting enough rest, it is important to maintain a relatively healthy diet. Every Friday, Michael Gentry and the Wellness program host Everyone Cooks in the Fellowship Hall. Come out for this cooking class to learn about vegetarian, vegan, and raw food diets. Also, check out the periodic freezer sales at the farm to purchase Warren Wilson's own sustainably raised meat. WWC breakfast sausage is a favorite item at the many residence hall brunches.



  • Eating Disorders: During National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, we partner with EMPOWER and the Counseling Center to offer a full slate of programs to raise the community's consciousness. If you or someone close to you is struggling with eating disorders, Anne Lundblad in the Counseling Center specializes in assisting students who struggle with eating disorders.
  • Home Sickness: Many people feel homesick leaving the nest for the first time. What to do about it? The best way to address this is to plug into your new home at Wilson. A great way to start is by attending our programs!