Environmental Studies



The Environmental Studies department at Warren Wilson College was established in the late 1970's by members of the Biology Department, who began leading the campus community in conservation efforts and offering new courses related to energy and conservation. With the understanding that solutions to today's environmental problems require the collaboration of many disciplines, the department has grown to include faculty members from across the college's academic community. This collaboration provides students with an environmentally focused, interdisciplinary major that investigates environmental issues from a natural science, social science and humanities perspective.

The environmental studies program, through academic courses, abundant natural resources on and near campus, and related work crews, balances theory, first-hand knowledge, and field experiences. Internships are also strongly encouraged as a way to acquire experience and to apply academically acquired knowledge. This program aims to graduate students with a strong foundation in the natural sciences and an understanding of the social, political and ethical implications of environmental problems and solutions. This allows them to critically analyze environmental issues they encounter in their professional and personal lives and to make educated, responsible decisions.

Students may be awarded either a Bachelors of Arts or a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Studies with a concentration in one of the following: Conservation Biology, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Education, Environmental Policy, Sustainable Forestry, or Sustainable Agriculture. Majors may also design their own concentration in consultation with an Environmental Studies advisor. Upon completion of the bachelor?s degree, graduates of the Environmental Studies program at Warren Wilson College are prepared for both advanced studies and various environmentally related jobs.