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Technical Data

1. Purpose of Equipment

2. How to use Equipment                      

3. Building Reports


What we do:

Our main job on campus is to perform energy audits.  An energy audit is a series of tests that describe the energy efficiency of a building.  This is done by targeting specific areas such as old inefficient appliances, windows, and air leaks in the building envelope. An audit also examines energy use data to determine patterns in energy use throughout a day, week, or year. It also allows us to see gradual patterns such as small increases in energy use from year to year.

We also try to influence behavior on campus by informing students of their energy use habits and different ways they can work towards decreasing their energy consumption.


How we do it:

We use various tools including infrared camera, circuit breaker data loggers, blower door, duct blower, automatic circuit breaker detector, and various weather stripping, insulation, and home improvement tools to collect data on the efficiency of the house and make small improvements.  After we collect the information it is entered in the computer to be graphed and analyzed.  With this information we can decide the payback period for installing new appliances or making other major renovations.