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Sam McWilliams




Sam McWilliams was born on September 3rd,1990 in Frankfort, Kentucky, where he was raised.  He was home schooled from birth until high school, then joining his independent school district until graduation, and deciding to continue his education here at WWC.  Sam spends most of his time practicing and playing music on the fiddle, guitar, drum set, and mandolin, and has been studying the fiddle for nearly 6 years now.  He is unsure of his path of study but currently has interest in international studies and environmental studies.  Sam's passion lies in music, international travel and language, road biking, and the outdoors.  His interest and consciousness of the environment has been present in his family for his whole life and he will use those natural tendencies to provide as much  help as possible to this newly established work crew concerning environmental betterment and awareness.



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