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John Moon


John Moon began this life in Traverse City, Michigan.  He was graduated by The University of Michigan with degrees in electrical engineering and physics. 

 As a conscious objector, he worked two years at the U of M Medical School to fulfill the Selective Service’s alternate service obligation. 

 He next moved to Canada, where with a group of graduate students at the University of British Columbia’s Electrical Engineering Department, he helped develop aids for the visually impaired.  His next major move was to Sudbury, Ontario to teach electronics, physics and math at Cambrian College, with forays into the commercial world, adapting wireless communication systems to monitor and control Sudbury’s freshwater distribution and to operate radio-controlled vehicles used underground in mines in northern Ontario and Saskatchewan.

 His permanent residence is in Skead, located about 15 miles north of Sudbury, near Lake Wahnapitae.  He is married, with two daughters, one of whom is a sophomore at Warren Wilson.

 As leader for the Water and Energy Efficiency crew, he is on a one-year sabbatical from Cambrian College.

 His main interest is in consciousness and its interaction with the material world.


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