Meet the Crew

Unfortunately our site is under construction and so the new members are not up yet.  In the mean time you can marvel at our fabolous returning members!

 Gabe Setright

  Gabriel Setright is from Nicaragua.  He is a psychology major significantly influenced by his experience growing up in Nicaragua.  His dad is a Sandinista Guerilla turned poet and his mom is a 70's activist turned teacher.  Gabe is mainly interested in: Nicaragua and Latin America, Critical Theory and Ecofeminism, anarchy and politics, music and soccer.  He resides in Preston House, his favorite color is purple, enjoys Pinha Coladas and the company of cats. He is interested in how systems of oppression psychologically effect  the individual and the collective and loves answering all sorts of questions!  E-mail him.


 Lukas LaRiviere 

Lukas Bio Pic

  Lukas hails from a tiny town in rural Vermont.  He is currently a senior philosophy major with the expectations of graduating in December 2013.  His main areas of interest are: Critical Theory, social and political theory, LGBTQIA issues and rights, environmental justice, racism and anti-oppression actions, ablism, alternative political systems, etc.  He is enamored by the colors purple and green and loves French and Lebonese food. On a typical Friday, Lukas can be found excitedly discussing the political ontology of oppressive institutions over a glass of red wine.  Email him here.