As EMPOWER is a student-driven crew, in addition to the cricles we run and programs we put on each month one or two crew members is in charge of programming around specific issues or days. For that month, the student programs at least:

1 service project

2 large events/speakers

1 RESIST! Film


The month foci are as follows:

September: Hispanic Heritage Month

October: LGBTQI issues

November: Trans Awareness Week

December: World AIDS Day on Dec 1st

January: MLK Day (third Monday in January)

February: Black History Month and Eating Disorder Awareness

March: Women's History Month and Disability Awareness

April: Day of Silence and Stand Against Racism


Think we've missed an important day? Or just missed an important issue? EMPOWER strives to serve what students want and need, so let us know what you want to see!