Dear Friends:

We welcome your interest in our mission - "to raise awareness of local, national, and global realities and to inspire caring citizens - especially our youth - to reflect, to communicate, and to act as responsible caretakers of the earth." We invite you into dialogue with us as we work in a myriad of ways to shape a sustainable future.

Since we began in 1996, the Environmental Leadership Center has evolved from a visionary idea to a strong leadership presence in Western North Carolina - a seminal force encouraging innovation in environmental education, higher education environmental policy, sustainable community planning, and public policy. Engaging Warren Wilson College students in our work, we reach out beyond the campus through environmental education initiatives, communications outreach programs, and applied environmental services.

Our goal is to educate and inspire environmental citizens of all ages. Solutions will be shaped by stakeholders whose passion for the future is grounded in science, economics, education, health, and business. Our initiatives provide the information necessary to understand the issues and enter into the dialogue.

We are all in this quest together, moving forward with hope and determination. We take inspiration from our friend, Dr. E. O. Wilson:

"The world is yours to remake. And as far as the natural world is concerned, on which we will ultimately depend, it's yours to protect. We can do it."

Margo N. Flood
Environmental Leadership Center
Warren Wilson College

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