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See curriculum PDF files for links to online materials, or email Stan Cross ( for a detailed list of vendors.

Lesson One River Basins

·Journal pages

·5 relief maps of the United States

·5 state river basin maps

·5 local relief maps

·Small bottle with water

·One eye dropper

Lesson Two Soils

·Journal Pages

·4 beakers

·3 samples of sand

·3 samples of silt

·3 samples of clay

·Bottle of water

·Soil Lab

Lesson Three The Water Cycle

·Journal Pages

·2 Clear bottles filled with ice

·Spray Bottle

·Local relief map (same as used in lesson 1)

·Small potted plant

·Ziploc bag

·Electric Hot Pot

·1 bottle of water

·Water Cycle poster

Lesson Four Predator Prey

·Journal pages

·15 Owl Pellets

·15 pie trays

·15 bone charts (laminated)

·15 envelopes or baggies

·15 forceps

·15 hand lenses

Lesson Five Plant/Animal Interactions

·Journal pages

·EcoTeam partner cards

Lesson Six Pollination

·Journal Pages

·15 pie trays

·15 forceps

·15 magnifying glasses

·15 flowers with the anthers still attached

Lesson Seven Environmental Citizens

·Journal pages

·15 sets of Environmental Citizens cards

·Star Stickers (6 for each student)

Lesson Eight The Lorax

·Journal pages

·Wildflower seeds


·Small pots (1 for each student)

·The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

·Trivia game questions

·EcoTeam Completion certificates

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