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The Photograph collection consists of prints, negatives, slides, video tape, film and other formats.  The majority of the collection comprises 20th century formats and digital.

The collection is arranged by school in artificially arranged collections.  At this point, there is no plan to rearrange these collections by donor as most of the prints were created on behalf of the schools and it is simply easier to access the photos.  The photos are arranged by subject terms imposed on the collection.  Within each school series there are individual collections grouped by donor.

Currently (Spring 2009), the photo collection is undergoing a major preservation effort.  Photographs are being sleeved individually in polypropylene envelopes and stored horizontally in drop-front boxes.  An index of each box holding will be forthcoming.

Future plans include creating digital libraries of some of the smaller collections and representative images from the larger school collections.  Check back to see what progress we make with this effort.