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Mountain Music Collection 

The Mountain Music Archives started as a project of the Appalachian Music Program by director David Holt in 1975.  Holt began recording concerts and jam sessions with musicians of western North Carolina for whom traditional mountain music has been a life-long heritage.  Under Holt’s leadership, he invited some of these musicians to Warren Wilson College for master classes, concerts and interviews.  As some of the musicians were in their later years, the recordings made through the AMP are extremely rare; many of the musicians had never recorded albums, though they were considered to be virtuosi of their instrument.  

When Holt left the college in 1981, the 110 reel-to-reel and cassette tape recordings made by Holt and others, as well as donations of recordings from other aficionados of mountain music, found their way to the archives.  A small crew of students arranged, described, and copied them.  In 2002-03 student Andrew Pauley wrote a grant to underwrite the digitization of about 60% of the collection for the Digital Library of Appalachia. Clips of individual tracks from the digitized collection of the MMA can be found at the DLA. 

Because of copyright laws that protect the artists’ works in the Warren Wilson College archives, we cannot copy entire concerts or albums for you.  However, we can send out up to three tracks for educational purposes, meaning, you may listen to the songs, learn to sing/play the songs, but you may not repackage and put the original recording onto any medium and sell it for a profit.  If you wish to listen to an entire recording, you may come to the archives and listen to it.