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Attendance is required. Penalties for unexcused absences are as follows: 1-2 unexcused absences: no penalty; more than 2 unexcused absences: 2 points deducted from the course grade per absence to a maximum of two letter grades.

Excused absences: I will grant excuses for participation in an officially sponsored college event (such as a sports team activity, choir or other fine arts performance, field trip in another course, and the like); documented illness; genuine personal emergency; unsafe travel conditions (for off-campus students); and significant personal events (such as family weddings) but only for one day's absence. I reserve the right to grant excuses for other reasons that seem to me justified.

You must not be personally affronted if I ask for confirmation of your excuse.
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Late Papers

Never assume that I will give you an extension on a paper deadline, and never assume that I will not give you an extension. Usually, I grant extensions to students who ask for them at least two days before the deadline, unless the student has already taken an extension on an earlier paper. Often, I grant extensions on the deadline day as well, so students should not despair even at such an unconscionably late time (though it would be unwise to plan on receiving the extension). If I grant an extension, you should assume that the new deadline is the beginning of the next class meeting, unless I say otherwise. I may penalize late papers up to half a letter grade (5 points) per day late.
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Pre-Arranged Make-Up Quizzes, Tests, or Exams

I am willing to give pre-arranged make-ups ( or pre-administrations) for students whose participation in a college-sponsored event would cause them to miss a quiz, test, or exam. I am usually willing to consider other reasons as well.
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Special Needs

If any student has specific, diagnosed, individual learning needs that will require special arrangements such as more time to complete assignments or tests, taping class sessions, or typing rather than handwriting in-class tests or exams, please discuss those needs with me during the first week of class.
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Plagiarism and Intellectual Honesty

Read the material on plagiarism in the writing handbook (The Bedford Handbook for Writers). Ask any questions you have about this matter, whenever you have them. You are responsible for understanding this material, so be sure that you do. Although it is of course best to ask questions in advance, do not hesitate to ask a question that comes up late, even at the very moment you submit a paper. I may fail plagiarized papers and tests on which a student has cheated. If I am uncertain regarding a student's intent to plagiarize, I will require that the assignment be done over--several times if necessary--until I am satisfied that no plagiarism exists. Underdocumention (i.e., papers that neglect to provide adequate footnoting, endnoting, in-text citation, or other regularly recognized acknowledgment of sources and assistance) may also be penalized a letter grade or two.

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