Travel Lust: A Traveler's Anthology


I was eighteen the first time I ever crossed the Atlantic Ocean. Long before that, since I was a small child, I enjoyed being in the car, I enjoyed watching landscapes pass around me, I enjoyed going on adventures. Driving brought me to new locations, it brought me to friends and family that lived far away, it brought me time with my family whom I saw every day but had little time to stop and talk with. I have lived in only two different states so far in my life, though I have traveled to more, and yet I have never been west of the Mississippi river.  That first time that I crossed the Atlantic, I was at first terrified, then exhilarated, and finally I knew that I was in love. I felt the world shrink and become real at the same time; places that were nothing more than stories and movie sets were suddenly the places where I wandered and slept. I felt myself becoming real, as well, as my mind woke up to all of the things around me.

This anthology is a collection of non-fiction pieces that showcase that love of travel and the excitement being somewhere new. From the highways of Georgia and Tennessee, to the cities of China, to Glasgow, Scotland, that movement around the world is what keeps life interesting, even for those who don’t do the traveling. From movies and magazines to books and essays, even those who never leave their hometown can travel through the experiences of others. However, as shown in the stories “Yup, Yup, Yup” and “Four Years: Four Hours,” travel does not have to take you to far away countries, it only has to take you on a journey.

I feel that writing is a very natural medium to share the experiences of travel. One can paint a description as beautiful as any photograph, well at the same time descriping the emotions and sensations that accompany it. When I travel, I try to always keep a notebook close by, because writing allows me to capture experiences in ways that photographs and memories alone cannot. I am so pleased that the writers in this collections chose to share their writing and their memories so that we can all experience their adeventures as well.

Kathryn Evans

May 2010


"Living History"

By Elizabeth Greene

On a journey through both ancient and modern China, Elizabeth Green takes the reader through the streets of Bejing and Liaocheng City and shows how both Ancient and Modern can still occupy the same space.


“Soul Hydration , Or, Out in the World; In the Mosque”

By Chelsea Gandy

In Egypt, Chelsea Gandy shows the sands of the desert, the faces of Gods, and the refreshment of a Mosque in soul-draining heat. There can still be small comforts in foreign lands.


“Yup, Yup, Yup”

By Justin Evans

Through the highways between Georgia and Tennessee, Justin Evans brings to life those dark highways at 2:00 A.M. The joy of traveling from place to place does not have to be over oceans in a plane, it can take place along a highway in an Aerostar.


“Glasgow: A Victorious Loss”

By Katie Anderson

In the Scottish Highlands, Katie Anderson travels into the heart of the city of Glasgow, revealing a knowledge and a love that someone can only have for a place after living there.


“Four years: Four hours”

By Lindsy Hottle Robertson

Distance can be painful when it separates loved ones, yet Lindsy Robertson takes that distance and pain and transforms it into something beautiful.



By Kathryn Evans

A first step into another world, Kathryn Evans is seduced by the lagoon of Venice, and shares that first taste of the experience of travel.


“Buffalo to Blue Ridge”

By Lyn O'Hare

Follow a true traveler through time and across the world, as Lyn O’Hare shows the history of her love of travel.  From Buffalo to the Blue Ridge, to Colombia, to Costa Rica, the world seems to be waiting for the itinerate traveler.