Submitting your work to a literary journal is a risky business.  Chances are about 1 in 15 that your work will be accepted.  Some people paper their walls with rejection slips.  And most writers frame their first acceptance letter.  But since part of the reason to write is to share your work, we urge you to consider doing so after perusing the journals below.  Be sure to include a cover letter with any submission.

To help you in your search, a list of journals and other places to submit has been compiled HERE. However, keep in mind that this list is less than comprehensive. They have been selected as good places to submit to, but they are far from the only ones. Students should also consider looking at these sources and research places to submit to on their own. In the past, students have found the following places helpful in the search for places to submit:

 Another trick for finding the right place to submit to is to look at writers who you admire or who are doing work similar to yours, and then look at the places their work has been published. Check the Acknowledgments section in their published books or search for their names in publications online.

Guidelines for Submitting

Once you have found the journal you wish to submit your work to, the next step is to submit it! The most important thing to remember when submitting is to follow the guidelines the journal your submitting to requires. Sometimes, new writers try to capture an editor's attention through the use of gimmicks to make their work stand out. Resist this temptation. It is a great way to ensure your work is not read at all. Let the quality of the work speak for itself.

Each journal generally has its own specific guidelines on submitting. Below are some useful things to keep in mind when submitting.