The Joan Beebe Graduate Teaching Fellowship

The Joan Beebe Post-Graduate Teaching Fellowship brings a graduate of Warren Wilson's nationally acclaimed MFA Program for Writers to campus for a year to teach undergraduate composition and creative writing classes. The Fellowship is named for the beloved former Dean of the College who aided the MFA Program's move to Warren Wilson in 1981 (it had been founded at Goddard College, in Vermont, in 1976). Then-program director Michelle Simons, program founder and Academic Board Chair Ellen Bryant Voigt, and program alumna-turned-faculty member Joan Aleshire all cite Joan Beebe's influence as key to the graduate program's successful transplanting.

The first Joan Beebe Post-Graduate Teaching Fellowship was awarded in 1997 to poet Laura Newbern. Since then, the position has been held by a variety of writers, many of whom have gone on to great success as writers and as teachers.

Beebe Fellows




2014-2015:           Nathan Poole

2013-2014:           Colleen Abel

2012-2013:           Matthew Olzmann

2011-2012:           Rachel Howard (fiction)

2010-2011:           Rose McLarney (poetry)

2009-2010:           Erin Stalcup (fiction)

2008-2009:           Justin Gardiner (poetry)

2007-2008:           Rodney Jack (poetry)

2006-2007:           Christine Hale (fiction)

2005-2006:           Valerie Bandura (poetry)

                             and Gary Lilley (poetry)

2004-2005:           Valerie Bandura (poetry)

2003-2004:           Jasmine Beach-Ferrara (fiction)

2002-2003:           Jasmine Beach-Ferrara (fiction)

2001-2002:           Emilie White (fiction)

2000-2001:           A. Van Jordan (poetry) and Richard Schmitt (fiction)

1999-2000:           A. Van Jordan (poetry)

1998-1999:           Elizabeth Arnold (poetry)

1997-1998:           Laura Newbern (poetry)