Intro to Relief Carving with Mary May

About Mary May

I endeavor to keep the art of traditional hand-carving alive, with minimal use of electric tools. Most of my wood carvings are traditional furniture, antique reproductions or architectural details.

Workshop Description

Professional Woodcarver, Mary May, will teach a beginning class on relief carving. She will go over the techniques of getting the tools razor sharp, how to safely and efficiently hold tools, how to hold the wood safely to the bench, and how to work in the correct grain direction. The projects will include relief carvings of floral designs, shells, and celtic knots. Mary will show the tricks and techniques of how to show layering objects and also how to make something appear to be carved much deeper than it actually is. She will walk you through the projects in a step-by-step manner that is easy to follow. Come join us in learning a life-long and fulfilling art.

More about Mary May

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Fees and Registration

Registration Deposit: $200
(includes $100 non-refundable registration and processing fee)
Instruction: $550

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