Greenwood Chairmaking with Brian Boggs

Greenwood Chairmaking
 with Brian Boggs

July 15-20, 2013



Workshop Description

Greenwood chairmaking provides a wonderful opportunity to learn some basic principles of woodworking and how wood behaves.  More than any other woodworking project, a greenwood chair takes full advantage of the behavior of wood to create long lasting joints.  While there is nothing wrong with using adhesives in joinery, this ancient approach is a fun way to embrace wood’s nature and let it work for you.


In this class we will learn how to:

Fully illustrated manual

The class includes a 70+ page, fully illustrated manual, which documents the process for building your chair from beginning to end. It serves as a step-by-step reminder of the steps taught in class. Because the manual is so complete it minimizes or eliminates the need for you to take notes. This allows you to spend all your class time learning new techniques and working on your chair.


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Registration Deposit - $200 
(includes $100 non-refundable registration and processing fee)
Instruction - $895
Materials - $100


Optional On-Campus Lodging and Meals


Individual Meals (for off-campus participants, payable at the time of the meal by check or cash)


Registration Form - Download

Registration form will be downloaded to your computer as a PDF and can be completed either by printing and filling out by hand OR by entering the information using your computer, saving it and returning it as an email attachment.