St. Clair Guest House

Due to a waterline break in one of the campus residence halls, students have been relocated to the St Clair Guest House at least until the end of February. At this time, we will take reservations for stays after March 1, 2015.

While the Guest House is not open to the general public, we do welcome current and prospective members of the Warren Wilson community and their family members, staff/faculty/volunteer family and friends, alumni, as well as visitors having business with the college.



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$47/night* - Single
$58/night* - Double or Queen

$85/night - Studio apartment (twin bed with trundle)
$125/night* - Apartment #1 - 2-bedroom (1 double, 1 queen), kitchen
$150/night* - Apartment #2 - 2-bedroom (1 full, 1 king, 2 bath), kitchen, washer/dryer

                                           *Rate changes effective November 1, 2015

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