Planning Campus Events


Events Calendar

The online campus events calendar is operated by the student activities director and crew (ext. 3748). The calendar provides a comprehensive list of campus events and is a vital tool for event organizers. To view the calendar, click the link near the top of the Inside Page where the day’s events are displayed.

Publicizing Your Campus Event

Attracting large crowds to events on our suburban/rural campus can be a challenge, especially if the event doesn’t feature a person who is broadly known. Here are a few suggestions that can help your event attract more people from both on campus and off:

*Get started early. Ideally your event details should be firm and ready to publicize on the campus events calendar and via other resources at least three weeks in advance.

*Remember that campus email lists (all-l, student-l, employee-l) are not available for advertising campus events.

*Consider using blogs and other digital media, such as Facebook and Twitter, as ways for you to connect with people you may not be able to reach via traditional print and broadcast media. Digital word-of-mouth can generate interaction and interest in a particular topic or speaker.

*Engage in traditional word-of-mouth by talking about your event as much as possible and by recruiting others to do the same.    

*Perhaps most important, target your audience by getting information to academic departments, affinity groups, and other organizations who have members with a potentially strong interest in the subject matter. Although it’s helpful to get a notice or story in a publication such as the Asheville Citizen-Times, it’s often even more effective to build your own contact list of like-minded individuals.

Feel free to call John Bowers at ext. 7004 or Ben Anderson at ext. 3758 if you have questions or have specific issues to discuss.