Morse Natural Science Building

 Starting in Summer 2008, the landscaping crew worked to convert the grass on the hill in front of Morse and Witherspoon to native plants.  Now this area contains a large variety of native grass species and wildflowers including Bottlebrush grass, Purple Cone Flower, and the less common Rattlesnake Master.

Morse Classrooms

Room 107


Room 108


 Room 110


Room 210


Room 303 is the GIS computer computer classroom

The College maintains a geographic information systems laboratory for use by students and faculty wanting to use spatial data and analysis in support of teaching and research in the environmental and social sciences. The lab houses 16 computer workstations equipped with GIS software and other analysis tools, an instructor workstation and projector, an open-source workstation focused on Linux-based software tools, an additional computer for the student crew, two printers and significant data storage.



Morse Conference Room