Ecodorm Residence Hall

We are very proud of our EcoDorm, a residence hall that has achieved a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) EB Platinum certification for its sustainability features and whose residents share values of community and green living.  The building includes photovoltaic panels, radiant heat preheated in a solar collector, natural ventilation system, composting toilet, rainwater collection, recycled and recyclable steel for roof , exterior siding of local wood, interior woodwork recycled from campus buildings and fences, flooring tiles from 100% recycled material, efficient insulation, edible permaculture landscaping and products with no/least volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to keep indoor air quality high. In front of the dorm is a community permaculture garden. The EcoDorm garden features a rainwater catchment tank, a grape arbor that shades the patio in the summer; perennial flowers, herbs and fruit trees; permanent beds, and mulched paths.

The Ecodorm has 36 beds, 12' by 16' rooms, and two kitchens.

Here is some news articles about the Warren Wilson's EcoDorm:

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