Dining and Catering

Sodexo at Warren Wilson College

The Gladfelter cafeteria is located upstairs from the smaller Cow Pie Café.  In addition to a two-story serving and dining space, Gladfelter has two private dining rooms off of the main cafeteria: Mierke B and C.

The college dining service focus is based on running the most sustainable food service possible. The cafeteria serves beef, pork and eggs from the college farm as well as a wide variety of vegetables from the college garden. In addition, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free options are available.

Since 1999, the student-run, student-initiated CowPie Café has been dedicated to serving local, organic vegetarian foods and educating the community on healthful eating.



CowPie Café

CowPie Café Sunroom

CowPie Café Patio

CowPie Café Kitchen


 Catering Information to come!