Campus Safety

Warren Wilson’s small, tightly knit campus is a safe one. Professional campus security officers help ensure a safe environment for the College community and its guests. Campus Watch, the student security crew, assists Public Safety in enforcing College rules and vehicle regulations, patrolling the campus, providing security escorts, securing buildings and property, assisting with traffic/crowd control at College-sponsored or conference events, responding to calls for emergency assistance and providing crime prevention education. Emergency phones with blue beacons are located in campus parking lots. During Orientation, students will meet the Public Safety staff, learn the location of the emergency phones and discuss ways to keep Warren Wilson College a safe community.

All buildings on campus are equipped with fire alarms and fire extinguishers; residence halls have smoke detectors in each room. To prevent fires, smoking, burning candles or incense, oil lamps, kerosene heaters, electric heaters, halogen floor lamps and space heaters are prohibited in all residence halls. Air-conditioners, appliances with open coil elements, or large refrigerators are also prohibited. Only heavy-duty extension cords are allowed in residence halls. The College has a campus fire safety officer who inspects buildings and residence hall rooms and organizes fire drills. The College also has an excellent relationship with the local fire department located nearby, which responds any time an alarm sounds.