Dean Kahl

Dean Kahl

Dean C. Kahl
B.A. Whittier College
PhD. Stanford University
Phone: 828-771-3067
Fax: 828-298-4841

Kahl has a dual appointment in the Departments of Chemistry and Environmental Studies. He has been at Warren Wilson since the fall of 1969 and teaches General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Kinetics and Quantum Chemistry, and Introduction to Environmental Studies. He enjoys sharing the beauty of chemistry with his students and believes that he is being paid to play at his hobby.

His research usually involves projects developed and selected by his students. Past and current projects involve (1) modeling the formation of photochemical smog with Mathcad, (2) analysis of the defensive secretions of millipedes, (3) the analysis of Appalachian plants for insecticides, (4) the analysis of herbal remedies, (5) the conversion of plastics and paper to fuel, feed and other useful stuff, (6) the modeling of dissolved oxygen in the rivers of Western North Carolina, (7) Huckel Molecular Orbital calculations, (8) the production and analysis of biodiesel, (9) the use of Gingko leaf extracts as radical traps, (10) calcium analogs of the Grignard reagent etc.

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