Warren Wilson College

Chemistry assistants are engaged in a wide range of activities. They prepare solutions, help in the lab, and act as tutors. Student workers maintain the instruments, the Chemistry computer lab, and the Assistants' Lab. Crew members help to develop new experiments or remove "bugs" in old experiments. Some student workers become involved in purchasing chemicals and equipment; others are responsible for maintenance of time cards. Most assistants help grade lab reports for General Chemistry. Of course, lab assistants also wash glassware, clean labs, and maintain chemical inventory.

Keeping the Witherspoon Lab clean is a huge job and a constant battle against entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Staff and students bring mud into the building from the garden, the farm, and the forest. The Chemistry Crew struggles mightily to help us. They sweep and mop the halls and lab each day. They are also responsible for cleaning the rest rooms. Without this fabulous work crew, the residents of Witherspoon would be helpless.