Warren Wilson College

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry and Physics at Warren Wilson College. This is a great place to study chemistry and physics! With the help of the faculty, the chemistry crew, the friendly atmosphere of the Elvis lounge, and the company of the cool cat Mendeleev, you will thoroughly enjoy your exploration of the basis of our world. At Warren Wilson College you have the opportunity to major in chemistry, biochemistry or environmental chemistry, or to minor in chemistry or physics. Whatever route you choose, you will be encouraged to think about how chemistry and physics can be applied in addressing the world’s sustainability issues.

Whether you have an interest in environmental chemical analysis, a career in the health professions, or graduate-level study to further develop your knowledge and skills, your time spent at Warren Wilson will be focused on not just learning chemistry and physics. You will also be encouraged to explore how chemistry and physics and their underlying principles can be put to use for the common good. Your capstone undergraduate research project will serve as the culmination of this exploration. You will propose and design a project and independently conduct the investigation under the guidance of one of our faculty members. You will immerse yourself in a project of your own choosing and you will present your results to the community. Through it all you will grow and learn that “Doing chemistry is like being in heaven!” So, come by for a visit or email us. We’d be happy to share our time with you.

Stephen F. Cartier, Ph.D. Chair, Chemistry and Physics Department