Volunteer and Service Opportunities

Stocking the food pantry on Pine Ridge

Theologian Emile Brunner once wrote that "the church exists by mission as a fire exists by burning."   If worship is where we are equipped and inspired to do God's work, our mission and outreach programs are where we put our faith into practice and our love into action.  

Our mission life is centered on God's vision of a just and peaceable world - often called God's Kingdom, or God's Realm. While that realm still exists on the far horizon, our members nevertheless work hard to help bring it about, volunteering in ministries focused on ending homelessness and hunger, on peace making and social justice, racial equality and disaster relief.

Wherever and and whenever possible we like to roll up our sleeves and do such work ourselves.  But our vision extends beyond our local community and so we support a number of national and international agencies and ministry partners. 

For a comprehensive list of our partners in ministry, click here

To get involved, call our pastor, Steve Runholt, and he will make sure you find a place to serve!