Session (Governing Body)

Like all Presbyterian Churches, the Warren Wilson Church is governed by "Session" -- a group of "elders" (they're not necessarily old!)  We have nine in our case, plus our pastor who oversee everything from the maintenance of our buildings to the nature of our worship services.  Each member of Session is elected by the congregation to a three year term.  The work of the Session is broken out into committees.  Here are the members of our current Session, with their committee assignments:

Class of 2013

Susan Laney (Social Outreach)
Mike Levi (Clerk of Session, Budget & Finance) 
Marion Sigmon (Personnel)

Class of 2014

Don Collins (Church/College Relations)
Sally Broughton (Communications)
Kristin Williams (Christian Education)

Class of 2015

Paul McDonald (Building and Maintenance)
Kathy Rouse (Congregational Life)
Marion Satterfield (Worship and Music)